Handcuff Case, Open Top Handcuff Pouch Fits ASP Handcuffs Hinged Handcuffs Chain Handcuffs, Law Enforcement Handcuff Holder for Duty Belt/paddle,etc

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This polymer handcuff holster is made of high standard polymer that is lightweight waterproof and durable, with almost no maintenance required, Custom-molded polymer design enables carry your handcuffs easily and effectively, adapts to every bad environment.
One-handed quick-release design features a fast one-handed release to give you easy access to your cuffs, also re-holsters in seconds to ensure your cuffs are kept firmly in place and prevents loss or theft.
The handcuff pouch features an open-top design and is formed for superior retention. Our handcuff holder is designed to carry a wide variety of handcuff sizes, including Chained cuffs, Hinged cuffs, Folding Rigid cuffs, S&W-Cuffs, ASP Cuffs.
Open type belt clip allows one-step open one step close (without regulating screw), simple set cant from 0-60 degrees to fit a comfortable position with Allen key. This belt cuff holster can slide over the belt to retain its position firmly. Fit belt width up to 2 inches.



It fits my weapon very well. It has a retention device that is very intuitively placed. The retention release features a raised "fingerprint" so that you can be certain your finger is properly placed without looking. The holster's finish is a matte black to eliminate shine. The swivel is very easy to operate especially when clipped onto a belt and allows a "custom" carry configuration and can make it more comfortable when seated or in a vehicle. Tough material and seems impervious to weather. The only issue I can see, has both good and bad aspects and is that there is an offset and the weapon rides a little over an inch from the body. That's good to allow for a quick and positive grip of the weapon while it's holstered (the thumb easily fits between the weapon and torso) and to protect weapons finish from sweat. The bad is that it is more of an everyday carry type of holster rather than a concealment holster. But then again a full sized .40 is a bit big for concealment. For the price you simply can't go wrong.

Thomas Goodier
Reviewed in the United States on April 22

I can tell you that I really like what I see so far. It's designed in such a manner that it allows for a very smooth to draw and usually reinsertion of your weapon. The single retention system works perfectly for me. I like a setup that allows me one simple, natural motion of my hand or finger that allows the weapon to be pulled rapidly. The single latch is found immediately on the side of the holster right with the index finger can get at it. A simple depression of a lever and your weapon is out and ready to go. on the flip side reinsertion is a simple matter of dropping the weapon back in the holster until you hear a reassuring "click" sound indicating that the weapon is back in place and held firmly.
The material appears to be solid, durable yet flexible incomparable two models made by their companies and sell for a higher price.
I've begun to do a series of practice draws to become familiar with emotion required to pull this weapon and so far it seems as natural as anything else. After a few simple practice draws I can easily find the weapon draw it put it back in place without looking. To me that's reassuring because I know that once muscle memory sets in it'll be ingrained in my mind and I won't have to think about it God forbid should the time ever come.
Again, it's still early in the scheme of things but so far so good. I encourage anyone looking for quality holster at an affordable price to consider this one.

Anthony K Busano
Reviewed in the United States on March 5

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