TEGE Glock 17 OWB Holster Review

As we all know the safety of the holster is directly related to the safety of the user of your pistol. Every year, there are a lot of accidents caused by the accidental firing of pistols. For example, I have seen in an article on a holster magazine website, a man was wearing a seat belt, and his gun discharged just because the leather inside his holster softened and creased, causing the holster to stick to the trigger. He suffered as seen in these pictures :

Glock 17 holster review

In order to avoid this situation, today we bring you a very high-security polymer holster evaluation. This holster is suitable for the Glock series, which is produced by the TEGE company.

Glock 17 holster review

First, let's take a look at its product list.

Holster Type: OWB

Applicable gun type: Glock 17, Glock 22, Glock 31(Gen1-5), etc

Weight: 75.6g

Size: 81.9mm*46.4mm*149.7mm

Materials: High molecular polymer

Wear way: paddle, Two-in-one belt clip, Molle, Drop offset, Dropleg platform, tec

Protection level: Level 2 protection

Place of use: daily carrying, shooting training, duty, etc

Material analysis:

This kind of holster, which is produced under a certain temperature and pressure, is mainly made from high molecular synthetic polymer, supplemented by fillers, plasticizers, and other additives. As far as I know, the elastic modulus of polymer is 15000~350000N/cm², the tensile strength is 1500~7000N/cm², and the elongation is 20%~800%. It has very good strength, hardness, wear resistance, and toughness. At the same time, the material characteristics are closely related to the special movement mode of macromolecular chain with multi-level structure and the processing of polymer. It also has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation. It can be seen that this material is a very good choice for making a holster and can adapt to various harsh environments.

Glock 17 holster review

As shown in the picture above, the inner wall of this holster is very smooth, so you don't have to worry about scratching your gun because the holster material is too strong. It can effectively avoid the wear and softening of the holster after long-term use and avoid interfering with the trigger.

structural analysis

Glock 17 holster review

This holster is released by the index finger. You just need to press the button on the side with your index finger while drawing the gun, and the gun can be released. The manufacturer attached a small bag to the package, which contained a small wrench and a spare screw. If you want to change the way you wear it, or if you accidentally lose the screw, you can use this small bag. Its assembly is also very simple, accessories and holster connection can be finished only through a screw at the back. When you insert your Glock 17 into the holster, you'll hear a deep click, which means your gun will be locked firmly in.

Glock 17 holster review

Its back accessory is a belt clip. The way to release the belt clamp is to press the two pins under the belt clamp. After opening, we can see a rotating part in the middle. You can turn up the control lever on the left side to adjust the angle of the holster on the waist. As you know, for many people, it's not easy to hang the holster vertically at the waist. We can adjust the holster to our comfortable angle through this function so that we can easily pull out the gun.

Glock 17 holster review

There are two screws on the back of the buckle, we can adjust the width of the belt by adjusting the position of the screw. This allows us to use belts of all widths.

Glock 17 holster review

The position of the release device of this holster is also professionally designed. When we press the release button on the holster and pull out the gun, the position touched by the index finger is the sliding sleeve part of the gun, which can effectively prevent the finger from touching the trigger by mistake. This greatly improves the safety of gun use.

Glock 17 holster review

First, let's look at how it works. One side below the release button is supported by a spring. The triangular lock catch at the other end is stuck in the interior of the holster, and the middle part is fixed by an iron pin. When we press the gun into the holster, the triangular lock catch will press the trigger ring of the pistol under the action of the spring, and the gun will be locked by the latter. When we press the button at the threaded spring, the triangle is bounced, the lock of the trigger ring is released, and the gun can be released from the holster.

Practical use effect

Glock 17 holster review

After using the belt clip, you can see that the holster is worn at a certain distance from the human body, which is not concealment. But you can choose other ways to carry it in a hidden way as you can see above. Therefore, you can choose different ways of wearing according to different scenarios. I use this holster with good fluency in the outdoor and shooting range. The effect is very good and it is a holster with high safety. It is worth mentioning that this holster only sells for about $20 on Amazon, which is very cost-effective.

Finally, I need to conclude that no matter what kind of holster you use, please make sure that your holster will not interfere with your trigger during the process of using the gun. The gun misfire will be a very serious matter.