The TEGE Universal Double Magazine Holder

In today's blog, we'll take a look at another offering from the TEGE Holster company. This time it's an outside the waistband (OWB) universal fitment magazine holder.
There are two versions available from TEGE, the single magazine version and this one, the Universal Double Magazine Holder. Made from the same injected polymer as the other holster offerings we've reviewed from TEGE. The fit, form, and function are up to the same impressive standard that we've seen from them before. The double mag version is available with either a paddle mount or belt clip mount option. For now, the mag holders are only available in black.

TEGE Universal Double Magazine Holder

Both the single and double mag holders will accommodate both 9mm and .40 calibers double stack magazines from all the major manufacturers. The magazine retention on both versions is adjustable. Each holder has an inbuilt spring tension piece to aid with the difference in magazine widths (see the side of the mag holder on the above image).

TEGE Universal Double Magazine Holder

On the double mag holder we received from TEGE, a centrally positioned Allen screw between the two mag holders allows fine tuning of retention by simply tightening or loosening the Allen screw. The holster cant or "tilt" angle can also be adjusted with the provided Allen key from 0 to 60 degrees allowing you to achieve the most comfortable and effective position (see image below). On our universal dual magazine holder, an adjustable belt clip was the mounting option supplied. It can work with belts from 1.5” to 2” and attaches to your belt in an almost identical way to the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok system. It doesn’t have that very firm “click” lock like the Tek-Loks I’ve experienced, but it is very secure when locked.
TEGE Universal Double Magazine Holder

As with the other TEGE Holster products we’ve reviewed, the finish and fitment is very good. Both the inside and exterior of the holder have smooth contoured shapes, there are no sharp or rough edges or molding spurs and getting the magazine holder into a comfortable place on your belt is achieved thanks to the easily adjusted belt clip attachment.

This is the third polymer holder we’ve reviewed from TEGE and, with each one, I think it’s amazing how they are able to make these holsters so inexpensive. Admittedly, the products made by TEGE are thicker than Kydex-made products and are fractionally thicker than other polymer injected holsters I’ve seen, but not by much.

TEGE Universal Double Magazine Holder

What about robustness and longevity? Well, I’ve not been able to put the magazine holder through any kind of heavy abuse yet, but nothing has broken or failed. What I can say is that this mag holder feels robust enough for range use, for those times when you want more than just one magazine at hand or when it’s time for mag change practice drills. Take a shot (pardon the pun) and add this one to your range gear, it won’t disappoint.

Here is a recommended fitment list from TEGE. If your particular model isn't listed below, there's no guarantee your magazine will fit correctly. I can confirm that the Magpul 15 GL-9 and Magpul 17 GL-9 magazines do fit perfectly along with any aftermarket Glock 9mm or .40 caliber magazine.

Glock: Glock 17/19/19X/22/23/25/26/27/31/32/33/34/35/37/38/39/45 (Gen1-Gen5)

Sig Sauer: Sig Sauer P250 FS/Sig Sauer P226 P229 P320/SIG PRO 9 mm/Sig Sauer MK25/Sig Sauer P250 Compact 9mm/.40

S&W: S&W Sigma/S&W SERIES 40, 59, 69/S&W SW99 9mm .40/S&W M&P 9mm .40 .357

Beretta: Beretta 92 96/Beretta PX4 Storm PX4 F/Beretta M9A3/Beretta PX4 9mm/.40

Taurus: Taurus 24/7/Taurus 92/Taurus 100/Taurus PT909 9mm/Taurus PT800 Series 9mm .40

Walther: Walther PPX/Walther P88/Walther P99/Walther PPQ M1 (Classic), M2

Springfield: Springfield XD/XDM 9mm/.40/XDM-9 4.5/XD-9 Mod 2 Tactical

Browning: Browning BDM 9mm/Browning HI-Power 9mm/.40

H&K: H&K P30/ VP9/P30 V3 P30SK-V3/H&K SFP9-SF/SFP9-SF PB/SFP9-SF OR/SFP9-SF SD/SFP9/H&K USP FS/Compact 9mm/.40

Ruger: Ruger SR9/Ruger P89-P95 Series 9mm/.40

Steyr: Steyr M Series

Colt: Colt 2000 9mm

CZ: CZ P07/CZ P-09/CZ 75 Tactical Sports/CZ SP-01 Shadow/CZ Shadow 2/CZ P-10C

EAA: EAA Witness 9mm/.40

Kel-Tec: Kel-Tec P11, P40

Magnum: Magnum Baby Eagle 9mm/.40