How should we choose a holster?

In the past few years, the number of inner holsters has greatly expanded its diversity, and most IWB holsters have slightly changed in design and specifications, and brand names. But some other companies are constantly improving and improving their holster models. The choice of a holster depends on whether you use it as your main carrying method or only occasionally, so when you choose an IWB holster, the different functions and importance become less or more important. To help figure out which of the available options should be prioritized, we decided on common standards through research and our own experience. We then searched for reliable expert reviews and opinions from reviewers and owners that are good enough for the holster to be tested.

Usability: It is recommended to use holsters that are only suitable for a few types of pistols, which are not very useful. Therefore, our first check is to ensure that a large number of pistol models are supported.

Safety: Almost all IWB holsters on the market are a bit higher than the trigger. For safety reasons, we recommend that the trigger is completely covered by the holster.
polymer holsters

Material: Although the most comfortable material is leather, But polymers are also ideal for waist wear.

Holster: We hope that the barrel can be completely covered. Most polymer holsters can hide well.

Customization: The model and style of the holster can best be customized, at least the inclination of the holster can be adjusted when it is worn.

Retention: IWB holsters usually cannot provide an effective protection system, and some leather holsters will become soft due to long-term use, so effective retention is also very important for gun carrying.

leather holster

Moisture control: Where you live can make a big difference to what IWB holster you should choose. In a hot climate, you can sweat and this will result in a leather holster chaffing your skin if it is constantly rubbing against it.

Clips: What sort of clips are used and how well do they attach the holster to your belt. You don't want the holster coming off with the gun when it is withdrawn.

Comfort: I put this item last. If you only pursue unilateral concealment or just pursue unilateral comfort, the safety of the holster will be greatly lost. The holster is originally to protect your gun It exists for your safety, so you need to pay attention to the impact of safety while pursuing comfort.